quillThe Holy Scriptures

The Holy Bible was divinely inspired and written by men, and it serves as a record of the revelation of what God himself does to and for men. It is a perfect treasure infallible of divine instruction. Its author is God, its end is salvation and its purpose is the truth without any room for error. It reveals the principles by which God judges us, reason being that this is and will continue to be until the ends of the of times, the true center of the Christian unity, and the supreme norm by which all human conduct, creeds, and religious opinions ought to be judged. Our church does not recognize any other revealed authority that is not the Holy Scriptures and only the Holy Scriptures.

Ex.24:4; Psa.19:7-10; Psa.119:11; Jer. 15:16; Mt.5:17;Lk.21:33;Jn.5:39;Jn.17:17;Rom.15:4;2Tim.3:15-17;Heb.4:12;1 Pet.1:25; 2Pet.1:19-21.
user Salvation

We, the members of La Primera Iglesia Bautista, believe that we are saved by the grace of God, as it is established in the Holy Scriptures (Eph. 2:8, 2 Tim. 3:16-17, Peter 1:19-21), through our faith in Jesus Christ once we accept him as our only Lord and Savior and recognizing the sacrifice that he made at the Calvary cross, where he poured his blood in expiation for our sins.(Eph. 5:23; Jn. 4:41-42; 1Jn 4:14-15, Jn 3:16)

Salvation is the redemption of everything that a man is, and it is gratuitously given to everyone who receives Jesus as their one and only Lord and Savior. It is because that gift of faith, and by the blood poured by Christ over the believer, that eternal redemption is obtained. In it’s simplest meaning, Salvation includes the Regeneration, the Justification, Sanctification and Glorification.

The Regeneration or New Birth, is a God’s work through grace by which all believers will come to be new creatures in Jesus Christ.Is a change of heart caused by the Holy Spirit by means of the conviction of sin, in which the sin leads to repentance towards God and resulting in liberation. The regeneration is therefore the vivification of man’s spirit that was dead as a result from sin. Repentance and faith are inseparable experiences of grace. Repentance is a true conversion of sin towards the grace of God. Faith is the acceptance of Jesus Christ and the submission of one’s self to him like our Lord and Savior. The faith that facilitates salvation is a gift from God, who grants it by pure grace.

The gift of justice, or Justification, is the complete absolution or exoneration and compassion of God, who he gives to anyone that repents. Justification puts a believer in a relationship full of peace and in favor with God.

The Sanctification is the experience that starts with the Regeneration, by means of the believer is declared holy and perfect by the offering of Christ, done once and for always. The believer is also separated to fulfill God’s purpose, and capable of progressing towards the moral perfection.

The Glorification is the visible manifestation of Salvation, its culmination and blessed state is final and permanent in the believer.

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eye The Church

In the New Testament the term church designates the people of God as a whole or in its local assembly. The church is a communion of people that are redeemed in Jesus Christ, divinely called, and made into one under the sovereign government of God. The church as a local body, an organism where the Holy Spirit dwells in. It’s a fellowship of believers that have been baptized, voluntary associated to worship, study, edifying, mutual discipline, Christian service and spreading the gospel in our nation and in the whole world. The church is not the building itself but rather the lives that have been redeemed by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Therefore we recognize that our Lord does not dwell in temples made of hands but does in the lives of those who have been cleansed by the blood of the lamb.

Mt.16:15-19;18:18-20: Acts2:41;47;5:11-14;6:3-6;13:1-3;14:23,27;15:1-30;16:5;20:28,Rm.1:7;1Col.1:2;3:16;5:4;5:7:17;9:13,14;12; Eph.1:22,23;2:19-22;3:8-11,21;5:22-32;Phil.1:1;Col.1:18;1Tim.3:1-15;4:14;1Pet.5:1-14;Apo.2-3;21:2-3.

The Baptism

This congregation confesses and supports that God ordered the baptisms performed by submersion as a symbol of the Regeneration that takes place in Christianity. He himself represents that we were buried with Christ in resemblance of his dead, and in the same way we are awaken in resemblance to his resurrection. We understand that the baptism does not save or cleanse any sins that man has committed. However, we believe that based on the word of God and obedience, the baptism is only an act of obedience and confirmation, and it gives a public testimony of the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Mt.3:6;3:13-17;28:19;1:9-11;Lk.3:21-22; Jh.3:23;Acts.2:41-42; 8:35-39; 16:30-33; Rm.6:3-5; Col.2:12

The Lord’s Supper

According to the Lord’s ordinance regarding the Holy Supper, this congregation celebrates this ceremony, which serves a reminder of our Lord’s sacrifice who shed blood for our sins. We recognize that the Bible teaches that the bread is a symbol of the body of Christ and the fruit of life or wine, symbolizes the blood of Jesus. Everyone who is baptized by submersion in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can take part in the Holy Supper, as a sign of a new birth. When we take part of the bread and fruit of life, believers remember the death of our redeemer and we announce his second coming. This Church does not use wine to celebrate the Supper. Kids also participate in the Lord’s Supper as an act of faith and obedience to the word of God. The parents of the kids instruct and teach their kids about the symbolism of the Lord’s Supper so that in the future they too, can accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of their lives.

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