About the Pastor


In 1981 Pastor Adalberto Ortiz majored in Religious Studies and History. In 1985 he graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary-Fort Worth Texas and received a Master of Art and Religious Education degree. Reverend Adalberto Ortiz Robles of San Juan, Puerto Rico was officially installed as the pastor of La Primera Iglesia Bautista of Hartford in October 2004. Primera Iglesia Bautista of Hartford has passed through a spiritual awakening and reformation from 2004 to the present day. Currently, the church is growing; it continues to grow with members, new converts and has many baptisms. The church has maintained and continues with its financial obligations and responsibilities on time. In general, The Primera Iglesia Bautista of Hartford is revitalized, renovated, and is reaching many nationalities.

The pastors goal is to reach new believers, train them, and send them out with the Gospel in order to fulfill the Great Commission found in the book of Matthews 28:16-20.