Our Ministries: A Place To Serve Christ

We invite you to join us and become part of our Church. There are many ministries that you can become involved in. Below is a list of some of the ministries and groups at La Primera Iglesia Bautista of Hartford.


This Ministry has the privilege and honor to extend the Lord’s kingdom to other nations and local communities. This committee will works towards fulfilling the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:18-20.

Music Ministry

Our church’s music ministry provides music for church services and special occasions such as wedding, funerals and evening events. A musical director organizes practices and musical arrangements for those performances.

Technology Ministry

Are you tech savvy? Join us and help us keep improving and advancing in social media and the technology of our church.

Youth Ministry

This ministry is geared towards young adults, to help them grow spiritually and provide a support system to them.

Men’s Ministry

This ministry focuses on bringing men together and providing opportunities for them to serve, pray and talk. Leaders may facilitate weekend retreats, organize service projects, and plan recreational activities such as football games and father-son activities.

Women’s Ministry

This ministry may provide a mom’s Bible study one morning a week, special tea or coffee events, and weekend retreats geared towards rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Leaders focus on facilitating opportunities for women to built relationships and develop spiritually.


Awana is our kid’s ministry design to teach and help kids develop spiritually strong character and moral values to faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Our programs offer a proven approach for evangelizing kids in the church and community. For more on

Nursery Ministry

In order to allow parents to attend Sunday worship service, this ministry focuses on biblical teaching, playing and taking care of small children during Sunday services.

Decorating Ministry

If you love decorating you will love this group! This group helps in decorating for special events such as holiday dinners, special events including weddings, and church functions.

Activity Committee

.This committee focuses on arranging and planning different activities for the church. Some of the activities include church trips, dinners, movie nights and much more.

Stewardship Committee

This group helps in taking care of our church structure and maintaining it clean for all services. Maintenance is done every Thursday.

Sunday School Teachers

This ministry is for those who wish to grow spiritual, teach and help other grow and learn more about God’s word. Sunday school runs from 10 -11am, age groups are divided by classes.

Financial Committee

This group is responsible to maintaining the church’s finances.